The Fishes of Texas Sandbox

Micropterus treculii

This is our Sandbox site, where we develop and test new components of the Fishes of Texas Project. This site is currently in Beta testing and will house species accounts and taxonomic keys as they are made available. There are currently 5 Etheostoma species accounts available on this site as examples of how the species accounts will be organized. More will be made available in the coming months. To view a more complete list of species accounts for the freshwater fish of Texas, please visit the Fishes of Texas dataportal.

The primary mission of the Fishes of Texas Project is to compile and make available to researchers, resource managers and other interested individuals, a comprehensive and high quality museum specimen-based database of occurrences of freshwater fishes covering the entire state of Texas. We also hope to enable a broad community of users in building and improving the provided content via incorporation of their comments, corrections and additional documentation in the form of specimens, field notes and images.